Chai Recipe

Nourishing Herbal Goodness / Recipe
Actions: Carminative / Nourishing tea

Natalia correa chai recipe



15g Ginger
10g Cinnamon
5g Orange peel
3g Cardamom **seeds (are much stronger than pods)
3g Star anise seed
2g Fennel seeds
1g Licorice
.5g Vanilla powder –must be fresh grind!

.5g Coriander seed
.25g Cayenne
+ Add 1g to 2g of any tea of preference (Rooibos, black, green, tulsi).



1/3 cup of the herbal blend into 5 cups of water. Let it boil and then simmer for 1 hour, it will enhance flavors. If need more heat, add two tbsp of fresh grated ginger. Drink with milk and a pinch of honey.