Hibiscus ♥︎ love


3½ parts Hibiscus 
1½ parts Orange peel
1 part Nettle
¼ part Elderberry flower



Cold Brew overnight! 1 tbsp of this herbal blend for 5 cups of water. Let it sit overnight with lid on.


Perfect drink to keep you hydrated during the day + a cold brew of this herbs provides you with extra vitamins, minerals and herbal goodness.

Especially for fatigue or anemic woman. Nettle’s iron works as a wonderful blood builder, and because this blend has high amounts of vitamin C, it facilitates iron absorption.

Great for a FULL MOON overnight brew ;) so it’s extra powerful and beneficial.



Hibiscus flower: great for the maintenance of normal body fluids, cholesterol levels and wonderful for the skin. High in vitamin C and other antioxidants.
Orange peel: boosts your immune system.
Nettle: acts as a detoxifier and hemetic, because of its high content of iron and vitamin C.

Elderberry flower: diuretic and anti-inflammatory. It is also commonly use for colds as an anticatarral. High in vitamins A & C and also high in minerals as iron.