Herbs! Get your iron from mother earth.
As Sunsen Weed says: Wild food for wise women.

iron rich tonic tincture yellow-dock

Yellow Dock builds strong blood. Strong blood, boosts your energy, gives you clarity of mind, prevent muscle cramping. Strong blood promotes circulation, boosts metabolism and immunity.

These are recipes from Sunsen Weed to help replenish iron levels. This iron-rich tincture or vinegar will support your system along with a healthy and whole iron-rich diet (see a 3-day meal plan here), the healthiest way to get your iron levels back!

- 50g yellow dock root
- 2 tbsp honey
- 2 tbsp brandy

Put in a pot the yellow dock roots with 1 liter of water. Let the herbs simmer, on low heat for a few hours, until the water has reduced to 1 cup. Strain out the plant material and add the honey while the water is still very hot add the brandy (optional for conservation). Mix well and store in the fridge. It will last for a couple of months.

 If you want to avoid alcohol, you can make medicinal vinegar.

Iron-rich Vinegar:
50g yellow dock roots
- Vinegar

Easy! Chop fresh Yellow Dock roots, put on a jar and cover completely with vinegar. Let it sit for 6 weeks. Give it a shake once a while.

For any of these tonics take 1-2 tbsp every day.

Beware that iron levels take time to replenish. So you should be checking your blood with your health care professional every 3 months.

Other green blood builder allies: Dandelion leaves, Red Clover blossoms, and Plantain leaves


Margaret brought to the shala sun chokes! Freshly pick from her garden!

Thank you Margaret!

Sun chokes or Jerusalem Artichokes are tubers with a sweet-nutty flavor. They are highly nutritious. Especially known for their amounts of iron and potassium and as a great source of inulin (a soluble-fiber that works as a pre-biotic, feeding healthy intestinal micro flora).


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Hibiscus ♥︎ love

This blend is especially good for fatigue or anemic woman. Nettle’s iron works as a wonderful blood builder, even more in this blend because of its high amounts of vitamin C, that facilitates iron absorption.

Great for a FULL MOON overnight brew ;) so it’s extra powerful and beneficial.

Great for a FULL MOON overnight brew ;) so its extra beneficial.

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